Cat Blender Full Video

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Cat Blender Full Video
Cat Blender Full Video

I. Cat in blender twitter

In early May, a horrifying video depicting the torture and killing of a cat in a blender emerged on social media, causing great distress and anger among internet users. Despite efforts by platforms like Twitter and TikTok to block the video due to policy violations, it continued to be shared and reposted by users.

In the following week, the disturbing video of animal abuse prompted netizens to take action. A Twitter user with the handle @scarycontent18, who initially shared the video, closely examined the blender in the footage and discovered that the writings on it were in an Asian language. This user appealed to their followers to translate the text in hopes of identifying the perpetrator.

Some individuals identified the language as Chinese, and soon rumors began circulating on TikTok that the person responsible for the cruel act was Xu Zhihui, a Chinese food blogger, who had allegedly been arrested.

However, on May 8, a second part of the cat blender video appeared on the internet, causing another wave of trauma and disgust among netizens. Since then, there has been a strong desire among the public to see these animal abusers apprehended and punished according to the law.

Cat in blender twitter
Cat in blender twitter

II. Luka Magnotta video: 1 boy 2 kittens

In 2010, a video titled “1 boy 2 kittens” was uploaded by an individual named Magnotta. The video depicted Magnotta suffocating the kittens using a vacuum cleaner.

The video quickly gained viral attention, but the identity of the person responsible and their motives remained unknown at the time.

Thanks to the efforts of animal rights groups and online investigators, Magnotta was eventually identified, and the Toronto police initiated an investigation.

Luka Magnotta, previously known as Eric Clinton Kirk Newman, is a convicted murderer who gained notoriety for the killing of Lin Jun, an international student from China. Lin Jun was studying engineering and computer science at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Prior to this, Magnotta had appeared in pornographic videos and worked as a stripper and male escort.

In 2012, Magnotta filmed the gruesome murder of Lin Jun, involving dismemberment, and infamously mailed body parts to government officials. This horrific act sparked an international manhunt, leading to Magnotta’s capture in a Berlin café while he was reading an article about himself.

Although not formally charged, Magnotta is also alleged to be the person responsible for the cruel YouTube videos featuring the abuse of cats in 2010, as depicted in the docuseries.

Luka Magnotta video: 1 boy 2 kittens
Luka Magnotta video: 1 boy 2 kittens

III. Cat Blender Full Video

Twitter users started sharing a disturbing video showing a cat being killed in a blender. The origin of the video remains unknown, and many people are speculating about the identity of the person responsible for such a horrifying act. Due to its explicit and shocking nature, the original viral clip is not available here, as it may be dangerous or distressing for viewers. Please refrain from seeking out the video for your own safety.

In the video, the cat is violently blended to death and then placed in a microwave, while the entire act is treated as a form of sick entertainment. The video lasts approximately 10 seconds, more than enough to instill fear in anyone who watches it. Additionally, the anonymous individual behind the viral video shared a close-up of the cat’s body afterward. As the video gained traction, people started searching for additional information on social media platforms in an attempt to uncover the identity of the cat blender perpetrator and bring them to justice. Currently, netizens are actively seeking the direct download link for the original full video titled “Cat in Blender,” which is being circulated on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. However, it is important to prioritize the well-being and safety of individuals and refrain from engaging with or distributing such explicit content.

IV. Cat in blender original video sparks outrage online

The widely shared video depicting the brutal torment of a cat in a blender has elicited various responses from internet users. Many individuals were frightened and deeply disturbed by the merciless nature of the video, while others expressed sadness and despair. This act of cruelty has ignited heated debates on the internet concerning animal abuse and the urgent need for stronger legislation to protect animals.

The viral video titled “Cat in a Blender” has caused outrage among online communities. In an effort to raise awareness about this shocking incident, numerous TikTok users have shared the video. Some individuals worry that the prolonged circulation of the video could potentially normalize such behavior or trigger traumatic memories for some viewers. Despite these concerns, internet users continue to demand strict measures against animal exploitation.

Cat in blender original video sparks outrage online
Cat in blender original video sparks outrage online

V. The person behind cat in mixer video alleged Arrest

On the night of May 3rd, 2023, several individuals, including TikTokers @baldnewsnetwork and @noahglenncarter, claimed that the person responsible for the cat’s killing had been arrested (as shown in images provided by them). According to Carter, the alleged perpetrator was a Chinese food blogger. Bald News Network presented a tweet supposedly from the official Fu Nan Police Department, which shared a statement regarding the arrest of the culprit. However, these claims remain unconfirmed, and while it is possible that the person arrested is the same individual involved in the cat blender video, the arrest might also be related to a separate incident.

Bald News Network also shared a post from the Fu Nan Police Department Weibo account on April 27th, 2023, prior to the viral spread of the blender video on Twitter. The statement discussed the arrest of Xu Mouhui, who had recorded and uploaded a video of cat torture in a forest in Lucheng Town, Funan County. It is unclear and unconfirmed whether this statement pertains to the same cat killer, as the blender video was not filmed in a forest.

Another report about the arrest, shared by the Weibo account Star Video, includes blurred screenshots from a video allegedly made by Xu Mouhui, which do not appear to resemble the cat blender video.

According to a statement released by the Chengbei Police Station, at 23:53 on April 26, 2023, they received a call reporting the theft of a cat and the identification of the cat thief as Xu Mouhui. The police were asked for assistance, and the Chengbei Police Station promptly dispatched officers to investigate.

Investigations have revealed that on March 15, Xu Mouhui (29 years old) abused cats in a small forest located in Lucheng Town, Funan County, and recorded a short video, which he then shared in a QQ group. The video spread online, resulting in condemnation from netizens and animal rights activists, and causing a negative social impact. Xu Mouhui was detained by the public security authorities in accordance with the “Public Security Management Punishment Law.”

The person behind cat in mixer video alleged Arrest
The person behind cat in mixer video alleged Arrest
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