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A Stabbing In Colts Neck 48 Hours: Surviving the Nightmare

Welcome to “A Stabbing In Colts Neck 48 Hours: Surviving the Nightmare” on Discover the harrowing tale of survival as Donna Ongsiako overcomes a horrifying attack in Colts Neck. Join us as we delve into the chilling details of her experience, the relentless pursuit of justice, and her inspiring journey of resilience. Prepare to be captivated by this gripping true story of strength and determination in the face of unimaginable adversity.

A Stabbing In Colts Neck 48 Hours: Surviving the Nightmare

I. Introduce A Stabbing In Colts Neck 48 Hours

The May 20 edition of “CBS 48 Hours” airs at 10PM ET/PT on CBS, featuring the story of Donna Ongsiako and her harrowing experience in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Ongsiako was home alone late at night when she heard a noise near the door, mistaking it for her cat. However, when she opened the door, she encountered a young man armed with a knife who forcefully entered her home and began stabbing her repeatedly. Despite the severity of her injuries, Ongsiako managed to call 911 and provide a description of her attacker.

In the upcoming episode, Ongsiako speaks with contributor Jim Axelrod about her incredible journey of survival and her ongoing efforts to support other victims of random violence. The assailant demanded her car keys and a lighter before delivering a final stab to her chest and fleeing the scene, leaving her for dead. Remarkably, Ongsiako survived the attack, even though she lost a significant amount of blood.

Authorities received a tip that led them to Brennan Doyle, a local teenager with no prior criminal record. Doyle was just 16 years old at the time. Further details about the investigation and subsequent developments will likely be covered in the episode.

II. Details A Stabbing In Colts Neck

On the night of July 7, 2013, Donna Ongsiako found herself alone at home in her remote farmhouse in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Her adult daughter, Kiersten, was attending a party elsewhere. As Donna settled in for the evening, she heard what she initially thought was scratching at the door. Assuming it was her cat wanting to come inside, she went downstairs to let it in.

To her shock, instead of finding her cat, Donna came face to face with a chilling sight. Standing outside her door was a stranger brandishing a knife, attempting to cut through the screen door. Instantly realizing the danger, Donna instinctively tried to slam the door shut, hoping to keep the intruder out. However, the assailant was determined and forced his way inside by inserting the knife through the aperture, resulting in Donna sustaining a cut on her finger.

This horrifying encounter shattered the sense of security within Donna’s home. What started as a simple response to what she believed was her cat quickly turned into a life-threatening situation. The intruder’s presence and aggressive actions put Donna’s life in immediate danger, leaving her to confront an unknown and dangerous assailant within the confines of her own home.

III. Video New Jersey woman survives stabbing during home invasion

IV. Suspect in A Stabbing In Colts Neck

In the case of “A Stabbing in Colts Neck,” the suspect identified was Brennan Doyle, a local teenager with no prior criminal record. Authorities were able to link Doyle to the crime through a sketch created with the help of a Taco Bell customer who witnessed the attacker on the night of the incident. The sketch, along with another tip, led investigators to Doyle within six days.

Additionally, a major breakthrough in the case came from a tip provided by staff members at a Taco Bell located five miles from Donna Ongsiako’s house. They reported seeing a young, blond man banging on windows while carrying a knife as he passed through their drive-thru. This information played a crucial role in identifying the suspect.

Doyle was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder and carjacking in October. Initially pleading not guilty, Doyle claimed to have been under the influence of hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms during the attack. However, in August 2015, he accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to the charges. He received a 15-year prison sentence.

V. Donna Ongsiako provided police with her attacker’s description and survived the incident

After the terrifying attack, Donna Ongsiako mustered the strength to call 911, despite her injuries. Crawling her way upstairs to reach her phone, she dialed for help. During the call, she provided a detailed description of her assailant, emphasizing that he was a male around 16-17 years old, with long, blond, curly hair and carrying a backpack.

With remarkable clarity and composure, Donna also conveyed the exact location of the crime before succumbing to unconsciousness, ensuring that responders would know where to find her. Promptly, first responders were dispatched to the scene, racing against time to save her life. She was swiftly transported to the hospital, where she underwent extensive surgery lasting over seven hours, aimed at stabilizing her condition and maximizing her chances of survival.

In a critical turn of events, authorities received a significant breakthrough thanks to a tip from a Taco Bell restaurant located five miles from Donna’s residence. Staff members reported witnessing a young, blond man banging on windows while brandishing a knife as he passed through the drive-thru. This information provided a valuable lead for investigators as they pieced together the puzzle surrounding the attack.

Furthermore, Donna’s stolen car was discovered near a movie theater. The vehicle was disturbingly covered in blood, a pivotal piece of evidence that would play a crucial role in the unfolding investigation. The presence of the bloodstains would later prove significant in linking the crime to the assailant and further strengthening the case against him.


1. What is the premise of the “A Stabbing in Colts Neck” episode of “48 Hours”?

The premise of the “A Stabbing in Colts Neck” episode of “48 Hours” is to delve into the harrowing true story of Donna Ongsiako, a resident of Colts Neck, New Jersey, who survived a brutal stabbing incident in her own home. The episode explores the details of the crime, including the attack itself, the investigation that followed, and the subsequent legal proceedings. It aims to provide an in-depth look at the events surrounding the stabbing, the resilience of the survivor, and the efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice.

2. How did Donna Ongsiako manage to call for help despite her injuries?

Despite her injuries, Donna Ongsiako managed to call for help by crawling her way upstairs to reach her phone. Despite the pain and trauma she endured from the stabbing, she mustered the strength and determination to make the distress call. During the call to 911, she described her attacker in detail, providing crucial information about his appearance and actions. Ongsiako spoke clearly and calmly to ensure that emergency responders knew who she was and where to find her. Her courageous act in reaching out for help played a vital role in initiating the response and ensuring her survival.

3. What actions did law enforcement take following the incident?

After the stabbing incident, law enforcement took immediate action to respond and investigate the crime. First responders were dispatched to Donna Ongsiako’s location upon receiving her distress call. Crime scene investigators gathered evidence, including fingerprints and DNA, to aid in identifying the assailant. Law enforcement interviewed Ongsiako to gather crucial information about the attacker and the events that took place. They sought public assistance, sharing details about the crime and appealing for any relevant information. Following leads and tips, law enforcement identified Brennan Doyle as a suspect and gathered evidence linking him to the crime. Doyle was subsequently arrested and charged in connection with the stabbing. The case would proceed through the legal system, involving court appearances and potentially a trial, to determine the suspect’s guilt or innocence.

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